Standing Stones Bad Medicine JH "Jovi" UT II 

Jovi is a stellar female that continues to exceed our expectations, she is full of; talent, natural ability, and desire.  She has a strong desire to cooperate and is very trainable.  Her field work is next to none and she loves  water, we are excited to watch her continue to develop. Jovi shows all of the strong attributes of a great foundation female and is next to none when it comes to being around children of all ages.  We look forward to continuing Jovi's training testing and look forward to a great future for her here.

D.O.B: May 15, 2014
Weight- 48 lbs
PENN Hip-  L .30/R .32
Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh
NAVHDA Natural Ability-112 Prize I (12months)
NAVHDA Utility-200/204 Prize II
Produced NAVHDA  NA Breeders Award
AKC Junior Hunter-Completed (1 year)
AKC Water Test-Completed (1 Year)
AKC Master Hunter-TBA
2 Seasons Guiding

Jovi's 5 Generation Pedigree                                                                                             Jovi_Pedigree.pdf
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Future Breeding Prospects:
Marzolf X Made In America
"Nora" NA II

D.O.B June 25, 2017
NAVHDA NA: 108 Prize II 
NAVHDA UT:  178 NP (13 months)
PENN Hip: L.32/R.30

Nora's 5 Generation Pedigree

Coming November 2018 Future Breeding Prospect
from Dutch Hollow Kennel!!!


VC Marzolf X-New Beginning-Ella MH

Ella is our foundation female and you couldn't ask for a better dog to start with.  Ella is a dog that aims to please and does everything you ask of her with passion and enthusiasm.  She is full of; natural point, retrieve, and high water desire.  Ella will range according to the cover that you are in, if you get on the big flats she will run big and if you get in the tight wooded areas she will tighten rite up.  Ella has a passion for the water and loves to just go swimming. Ella excels in the; house, field, and water and turns heads when running AKC and NAVHDA events.  Ella has achieved great things at all levels of NAVHDA testing to include becoming a Versatile Champion in 2015 which is the highest achievement a dog can have in NAVHDA, Ella is also has achieved her AKC Master Hunter Title and her first litter which was born in 2014 has been awarded a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award.

D.O.B.: Nov 4 2011
OFA Hips-Excellent
Penn hip- L .27/R .20
Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh
NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 (7 Months)
NAVHDA Utility  Prize I 196 (2.5 Years)
NAVHDA Invitational 194/200 PASS (3 Years 10 months)
Produced NAVHDA NA Breeders Award
AKC Junior Hunter -Complete (1 year)
AKC Master Hunter-Complete (4 years 4 months)
AKC Water Test-completed
  (1 Year)

 4 seasons guiding
Ella's 5 Generation  Pedigree  

                                                       Marzolf X-Fresh Start-Ivy JH  UT II
                                                                              NAVHDA NA 110 Prize I, Utility 192 Prize II
                                                                                              AKC JH and Water Tested
                                                                                                           OFA Excellent
                                                                                                       PENN Hip .24/.24

Ivy is every bird hunter an  Double Guns Edelweiss "Ada" NA II UT I
Ada is a hard working, headstrong female that came to us at 4 years of age.  She is a solid all around gun dog that has been added to the guide string and brought in as part of our family.  Ada has a nose unlike any other GSP that I have seen and sticks her points with style and doesn't miss a retrieve.  She is a great addition to our kennel and our family and we are proud to have her join us. Ada has been tested and proven in the NAVHDA testing world and has a pedigree that will wow anyone.
                                                                                                   D.O.B: November 25, 2012
                                                                                                               Weight-52 lbs.
                                                                                                          PENN Hip-L.33/R.22
                                                                                         Coat: Medium Dense/Medium Harsh
                                                                               NAVHDA Natural Ability-106 Prize II (6months)
                                                                                  NAVHDA Utility-195 Prize I (2years 9months)
d hunters will tell you she loves to retrieve more than any other German Shorthair they have ever seen.  Ivy had reproductive issues so she was placed in a phenomenal home to enjoy life where she gets to spend the summers at the river and the falls chasing roosters.  We miss her greatly but love receiving updates on her and knowing she is doing what she was bred to do.

Jason & Megan Marzolf
23335 462nd Ave
Wentworth, SD 57075

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